Our Service Philosophy

As distinguished members of The McMonigle Group in Newport Beach, Matt Blashaw and Russ Evans share a dedication to exemplary service. By strategically co-marketing their services, they are able to provide enhanced, personalized care which results in comprehensive support and faster responses to all communication from phone calls to text messages and emails. Time is of the essence in real estate transactions, so it’s important to work with a team that respects your time by responding quickly, communicating often and accurately.


Latest News

Why You Should Order Your Own Credit Report

“I don’t have a problem with credit,” a potential new home buyer says. “I pay my bills on time. I never have trouble getting a loan.” That may be true. However, according to several surveys, most people are surprised by at least one piece of information in their credit report. And ...

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Consider Buying a Home With Some “Undesirable” Features

When you’re looking for a home, chances are, you have a checklist of things you want. Two bathrooms… a finished basement… a great looking kitchen… an expansive deck… But what happens when a home you see has a feature that doesn’t quite measure up? Perhaps the basement is poorly renovated. Or ...

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