Alex Rorem – Associate

Driven by his commitment to serving the Orange County area, Alex is a proud new member of the McMonigle Group. In today’s complex real estate market, Alex strives to utilize his resourcefulness and relentless work-ethic to make these crucial transactions as profitable, and easy as possible. Alex brings a passionate, yet poised demeanor to the table, and stands behind his clients as they pursue their real estate goals. Raised in Mercer Island, Wa. he has always been keen on Luxury homes, and has an eye for finding the perfect fit for clients.

Alex understands the value of service, and integrity, as he also runs a Personal Training business. His ambitious approach has propelled him to expand his horizons, and utilize his skills in the Real Estate game as well. Alex understands the quantitative measures of the industry, but also enjoys the emotional aspect of the business, as a transaction is often the biggest investment of one’s life.